You are an entrepreneur, and you have an idea for a mobile app. Maybe you have ideas for the UI design, and it should just look and feel great. Some data needs to be exchanged across app users. So you need a backend. You have also thought about how the app generates revenue. Now you need someone to develop it and glue all these things together.
Let us talk — we could keep the first version small, efficient, and inexpensive, and take it from there.

You are a small or medium sized company which provides mobile app solutions to clients. You have organized your staff into small teams. There is that one project that the sales people have acquired, but the devs are already under pressure, and you need a dev quickly. Should you outsource the entire project, or do you need one additional person to do that one part that can be outsourced?
I can do these things, too. Fixed price or daily/hourly rate are possible.

I am a freelancer in mobile iOS app development since 2012. Since my graduation in computer science in 1999 I was working in different companies in mobile business, games industry, aerospace and avionics industry, and consumer software development.

I am looking forward to providing you with my CV, rate, and availability.


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