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My Fridge – Manage Your Fridges and Pantries




My Fridge

My Fridge helps you to organize food in your refridgerators, freezers, or pantries.

Did you forget if you still had cucumbers when shopping at the grocery? Just check the app.

The sushi are about to expire? Better have them today!

Your kitchen freezer is running out of ice cream – is there still some left in the freezer in the garage? A quick look at My Fridge can tell.

Do you have so many fridges that you keep forgetting where food is? Use the search function.

My Fridge offers the following features:

  • Multiple appliances, e.g. fridges, freezers, or pantries
    • Each appliance has a main compartment and can have a left and/or a right door
    • Configurable background look of main compartment and doors
    • Pick an icon, or take a photo of the actual device
    • Search for edibles in all fridges
  • Add any number of edibles
    • Drag food images to organize, for example just like your real food is placed in the fridge!
    • Pick an icon, or take a photo of the actual food
    • Set the quantity of each edible, and select a suitable unit
    • Long-tap on the food icon to quickly take a photo
    • Pinch food images to resize
    • Specify an expiration date
    • Be reminded when an edible is about to expire (ie. 0-2 days left), or when it expires
    • App icon badge shows the number of expired edibles
  • Choose among 150+ icons
  • Be reminded when food has expired or is about to expire
  • Help screen
  • No-nonsense app: No ads displayed, no login required, no In-App Purchases
  • Stores data in iCloud or locally

For support or feedback please contact me via email.

This app is currently not available at the Apple App Store.